Wow I read some of the posts on here. You can see that many woman have been absolutely traumatised by events from school age life.

Many posts have a common theme, girls getting drunk and boys manipulating them into sex or sexual acts. It’s sad really. Many consented but felt coearsed and manipulated into doing so, or realised that sober they wouldn’t have consented at all. Alcohol lowers the ability for sound judgement as we know for boys and girls. What is sad about it is the mental long term scars the girls are left with and boys becoming at least a creep, predator and worse, rapists.

Would these situations have arisen without alcohol? No. I don’t think in the vast majority of cases the girls would have been harmed. Alcohol is so acceptable and the term underage drinking is used as the ‘norm’ to down play many of these cases as not unusual or even expected. Adults use the term to vilify the kids.

One day they will take the harms as seriously as they do cigarettes. I hope so.

On a final note I went to a massive arena gig Saturday and I watched grown ups in sensible clothes so drunk as to be close to collapse. Swimming on the floor in beer and rolling around, men clearly all over her as she swayed about before her beer swim. A lovely dress trashed. I wonder what she thought when she woke up in the morning? At the time she thought it was amazing! Imagine if you asked her to act the same sober! I would guess by the end of the concert about 1 person in each row was so pissed as to be a pain in the arse. Getting aggrevated, spilling beers, fallimg over, talking shite!

Fuck alcohol