51 and happy.

I love reading other peoples blogs and about the lives that are described in them. Not in a comparison of life. I am not interested in somebodys wealth or posessions. I just absolutely love the never ending richness of life. Other peoples hopes, fears and motivation.

People share similar fears and problems, its how we people react to them that facinates me. You can learn a lot about managing your own life by reading about others. One skill I have is to look at the negatives in peoples blogged lives and learn positives from them. Having a shit upbringing for example does not hinder me, it makes me stronger. I never treated my kids the same way. OK I might have been slightly detached emotionally, but it also gave me independence and independent thought. Negatives are lessons for me that I have always turned subconsciously into positives, that was necessary from my upbringing. Thrive or wilt mentality. Some of my siblings wilted and as adults are severely effected by it still, tainting their whole life and wellbeing.

I am also conscious that we all live a life not externally in the world, but in our own world in our own heads. All we experience is just a representation tinted with emotion our brain has made. We and the world we inhabit is created by our own mind and also how we feel about the world. We are all just minds with a body aupport system.

So, I just try and feed my brain a good diet of good food, good books and good experiences to help it through.

A big up to GD who’s blog of life I have always enjoyed and miss now . Plus Lovie and C Pixy, keep it up! xx