Sat on the beach on the panultimate day relaxing mentally and physically.

I remind myself that I am human and all I can do is try to be a good human. I am not after perfection, but just enough character to overcome some of my human bias’s, prejudices and emotions. Cause as little harm as I can.

In my life I have only met a handful of people who’s minds are free enough to be relaxed and happy regardless of their lot. I lnow that one of those people is my older self. I am not the same person as I once was. Free of the expectations created by parents, free of that urge to want my life to be better, free of me wanting to be better.

I am who I am, Life has been a journey especially mentally. I am not spiritual, I believe in science and nature. I am nether optimist or pessimist. Both are thoughts of the future that I have very little control over.

The young lady who serves drinks and food on the beach came over to us. She said, its so lovely you cleared up and that you put the deckchairs back tidely. This in some small way restoring her thoughts on human nature, or at least helps with her prejudices of british holiday makers. Next door to us on loungers the breeze knocked their reciepts onto the sand and they rolled along the sand. Both holiday makers saw this and just let the litter roll away. I watched as a greek family muttered, picked their litter up and binned it for them. It’s the little things in life that make the difference, not the big things. I couldn’t help but feel unhappy at the obese lazy british litter bugs. It’s not what happened I find so disconcerting about human beings, it’s that a family find this behaviour totally acceptable. Like my friend who was not allowed on a bus with a can of beer so he left it at the roadside and got on. Me? Empty it into the hedge, carry the empty can with me until I find a bin. Although I don’t drink.

Last day on the beach.

I don’t drink. This is to keep my mind free, to experience life as naturally as one can. My wife said that she likes to relax and to her this probably means removing her brain from the here and now. If relaxing is only possible for people by using drugs I know that when they are sober they are incapable of relaxing through natural means. For me the here and now is where I relax. Drinkers are in trouble as they remove the only place that is relaxing, that is the present moment. They distort their thoughts of the past and the future whilst throwing away the present too. Drink leaves the brain in limbo, that is not a place the brain likes!

A final note, thank you 🙏 so much for reading my diary, I hope you too get a little peace in life and do a few little acts of kindness for yourself, others and the natural world.