I put this running vest on tonight as it was so hot. I have not worn it before as the wife says I look embarrassing and should wear a T shirt. I am coming up to 52! I put it on to run, it’s about 28 degrees. She laughed at me and made that OMG I am so embarrassed face. She doesn’t realise but I find when she does it humiliating. I feel really bad like I must look a right plonker embarrassing myself. I assured her I was running on the old railway line so nobody would see me. But tonight I said well fuck em! Its hot and I am wearing it.

If the boot was on the other foot and I did that to her when she wore clothes it would be discracful to demean her like that. So why is it acceptable for her to do it to me? I think she would tell me to ‘man up’ stop being over sensative and its just ‘banter’ if I pulled her up on it.

Lovely countryside were I live x

But even as a bloke, when your other half puts you down it does get to you and makes you self conscious. Not even age makes that any better xx