Sometimes in life I am looking for something, I don’t know what it is usually but I have the feeling that something is out there for me. It leaves me in a kind of forever searching mode, or a web page spooling, a great book or a great website is just around the corner. Something different, something to get my teeth into.

I am searching no longer.

I bought my wife a very good DSLR camera in 2012, as she loved photography, a Canon 60D as it happened. She has hated it ever since, too complicated and too heavy. Typically me buying something totally over engineered!

I picked the camera up last week out of the cupboard, charged it. Did my usual which is to read 500 pages of manuals on using the camera and editing photos! I am hooked, I took it too the airshow and got some amazing shots. I think it appeals to me as it takes a lot of skill or at least trial and error to get that perfect shot. You guessed it, I won’t ever get that perfect shot! But I will die trying!