I can’t wait to photograph this in autumn.

Firstly I am 52 as of the 30th of July. Life has been excellent since being sober. Just like another blogger I follow, life has it’s ups and downs but it is way easier to deal with sober. 678 days no alcohol and 658 days no caffeine.

I am looking for a life of moderation now. I love running, but I am not going to kick the arse out of it and get injured. I did a trail run with a friend last night and it was absolutely lovely, the scenery was awe inspiring, if not a touch hilly. I played squash this morning against a 32 year old guy. Overweight but the age helps to make up for the fitness. He darted around the court like a mad man and won the first two games. I played relatively slowly and my plan was to make him run around the court and get tired even if it cost me points. 2-0 down and he was very tired. I came back 2-1 and then on the forth game I took him to 20-18! He was dead, much more tired than me. My game plan worked, I won the last game easily as he was too tired to run for my shots and when he reached them he was too tired to hit them accurately. I won the match at 3-2. There is a lesson to be learned here in life. Sometimes you have to lose a few battles to win the war.

My wife has COVID again and so did my daughter, last week. I know my immune system is strong as twice now I have avoided it in my household. Eat a varied diet take supplements and exercise.

I am loving my photography, seeing my neighbourhood in a very different light. I do not have any pretensions, I have old kit and that’s fine by me, I make the most of it. Just like my life, make the most of what I have. Fed up with conversations at home always difficult but that’s not for this blog.