I am fortunate that I don’t have to work much now. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked really hard all of my life but at 52 I am happy to work a couple of days a week. This goes down to 3 days per month soon. Hate to use the words semi-retired.

I have really been enjoying photography. I suppose I like taking the everyday and giving it a slightly nuanced perspective. An old camera but with modern software can produce a lovely image in post production.

Hidden Window

This shot was from the garden last night and turned into more of an artistic impression than a photo. These plants seem to be talking and I like my neighbours mundate bungalow window providing some interest too.

Anyhow, sat in bed at 7:30 thinking about getting up and walking the dogs. I have a friend (believe it or not 😂😂) and over the past 10 years or so keep in contact with messages and voice messages on whatsapp. I will record a voice message in return today. We are like each other’s therapists!