The landscape just a few miles from where I live is breathtaking. No big waterfalls granted but rolling hill tops and woodland trails.

It has been 30 degrees for the past few days so I decided to get up early onto the downs. It was a cool 17 and rather pleasant. I stopped lots for photographs and water as you can see! I ran at a pace that I found comfortable to be at. I didn’t push myself as I know that over time my fitness will naturally provide me with faster legs! The wooded section is very challenging as the winding path runs up and down the slope, it was quiet scenic and cool though. Only two dogs jumped up at me on this run, whilst owners looked down at their phones. Its a bit annoying as people expect you to love their dog. I do love dogs but not when I am running and owners don’t give a shit that they are hassling you to play! Plus having been nipped a couple of times and chased it’s distracting! With running its lovely to get back to the point where I can run 6-7k on the hills and enjoy it again as I have some fitness, hill running is very tough work. My belt is a little looser now which is a bonus and I feel good about my T shirt look! My wife gave a shite remark about me looking embarrassing in a runners vest (should be in a T-shirt) but you know what, she can just fuck off to be honest. If you have nothing nice to say then …

Well hopefully as the sun goes down tonight I might get some nice photographs. I walked around the village the evening before last. Two loose 🐑 returned to fields and a couple of nice photos after haha.

Local chappel, ok I admit I faked the sky post production!