Something struck me about photography. I have heard people say that they only like realism (twice recently), what they see being put into a photo instead of any post production editing before photoshop etc.

It makes me chuckle the naivity of the statement. When photos were developed in a dark room it was the chemical processes that made the post production images not the camera. Blending chemicals provided for different colours, tones and output. Parts of the photgraph could be lightened or darkened independently a process called dodging and burning just like photoshop. Never has there been an image out of a camera that is a true representation of the real world. Cameras have different optics and sensors and they all take a very different image from one another. People use flashes, studio lighting etc too.

Our brain makes buildings and steeples look perfectly verticle but that is just another clever mind trick. Stand too close to a building and the higher parts of the walls will lean in (further away from eye) leaving for example Big Ben (parliament tower) looking like the leaning tower of pisa once captured on the sensor! All cameras undertake image production too and post production techniques are needed to correct for what the human eye pretends to see. What we see is not realism its what the mind provides us.

So stand in front of your house and take a picture and it will be narrow at the top compared to your eye level if you stand too close.

Stand corrected.

But this the same as life. What we think is our reality, not just in what we see but what we hear, feel, smell etc is just an interpretation of the material world beyond our real view. You can use your senses looking at a flower for example, but that is your interpretation of it using your human sensors. We are ok to assume we see much the same as each other as we have the same human biology, but insects don’t, using UV etc. Just because insects see things differently doesn’t make our view of the world the correct one compared to the insects view? What is the underlying realty of that flower 🌺 if it is so different to different species? Does it have any inherent properties such as colour, beyond our imagination? Beyond what our eyes and brain make for it?

I’m not saying we live in the matrix, but trees do not produce sound when they fall in the woods they disturb the air around them. Sound is produced in a humans head if they stood near bye from the pressure waves. But from the trees perspective, that tree actually fell in silence same as it would if you watched it fall through a telescope from a distance!